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Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a big Barbie fan. I never once became too cool for Barbie. When I was 9 and all of my friends were growing apart from her, I persisted to play in secret (a sad fact that still applies today). However, a lot of people do not support Barbie as an appropriate toy for children, questioning the example she sets. I think many of the arguments made in this everlasting debate are valid. Essentially, Barbie is physically disfigured, smiles all of the time, and is a major overachiever (I’ve never trusted people with too many talents).

Luckily however Barbie is not a person; she is a doll. She is not the figure there to set an example- that’s what adults are for. As long as young girls and boys are not receiving disfigured, smiley, overachieving messages from real life role models, then I am confident they will survive Barbie, like I did. Although, now that I think about it, this perhaps explains to my unhealthy  relationship with shoes.

-End Rant-

I don’t yet consider myself a serious Barbie collector. However, I have just signed up to and I think my status may soon change. The site offers everything from Barbie basics to Vintage Repros. It’s heaven! Here are just a few from my wish list…

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I love getting things in the post (don’t we all). Sadly it has dawned on me that as a bona fide adult, the only post I get is the type I like to call ‘drawer mail’ (the draw of unwanted phone bills, survey requests and university fee reminders is growling and hissing even as I type). Occasionally though, to my sister Claire’s credit, I get happy mail’; there was the tiny envelope, housing a newspaper-clipping-illustration of pug-angels, or the countless hand crafted cards and invitations she has sent.

However, today I received some other ‘happy mail’- my National Gallery of Victoria membership! My first thought was that I am well overdue for a visit to The Tea Room at NGV (they boast a modern interpretation of the timeless tradition for $22). The last time I went to The Tea Room was for Claire’s baby shower, where I was too distracted by the giant rabbit installation to think about cakes (you don’t have to think about cakes to eat them, you see). Upon reminiscing, I have decided that this year I am going to sample each renowned high tea in Melbourne. It will be a chore, but it’s in the name of… umm… research?

 Above: the aforementioned bunny rabbit… if I just had higher ceilings!

There is a unique type of person in this world. To some we’re considered ‘freaks’ but to each other, we’re just Harry Potter fans. At 12:01 on the 13th of July myself and 13 of my dorkiest friends, like so many around the world, went to support Harry in his final battle against Voldemort’s threat on the magical and muggle worlds.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, we dressed as influential Harry Potter characters from over the years and naturally, a ‘best-dressed’ competition was held. Sporting Dolores Umbridge to Luna Lovegood, each witch or wizard was in with a chance. Alas, it soon became apparent that Dobby was to be crowned more than a free house-elf and as promised, received 1 vial of Felix Felicis, or ‘Liquid Luck’**. Who would ever have thought Dobby to be the best dressed?

Like author J. K. Rowling herself, I am left feeling simultaneously heartbroken and euphoric at the conclusion of my beloved Harry Potter. However, I’m glad to have shared it with such an enthusiastic bunch; my friends are truly a credit to the story’s impact on our generation.

**NOTE: Felix Felicis may cause giddiness, recklessness, and dangerous overconfidence. I do not advocate excessive use of the potion. 

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