Two of my friends took me  for a lovely horse ride along the Mornington Peninsula for my birthday, with Gunnamatta Beach Trail Rides. The hour long ride through a bush trail and onto the beach is just fabulous; I would recommend it to anyone!

I have little experience with horses, but this didn’t deter me from looking the part!

I wear: Ralph Lauren Blazer, Nudie Jeans, Wittner Boots and YSL lipstick 

When it comes to iconic style status, few women throughout history have earned a place. I don’t necessarily measure this on one’s celebrity, but rather their ongoing influence on future generations. Bianca Jagger and Pattie Boyd are two such women. They may be best known for their collective taste in stellar musician husbands, but more importantly their style is still relevant many years after they last said ‘I do’. Bianca Jagger is of particular interest to me, and has long intrigued many a girl, I’m sure. Not everyone can work a white suit, and as far as I’m concerned, she’s the benchmark. Though, I must acknowledge that others have contributed to its status; honorable mentions must go to Diane Keaton and John Lennon.

Above image created just for me by the very talented REL of PONDEREL

This week I played around with the idea of a white suit for an event I attended, which was located opposite an autumn laced park in Melbourne. I love pants, particularly anything with a wide leg. These are actually part of a suit but I ended up wearing them with a sleeveless jacket I had made in Indonesia circa 2008. It was made with a matching skirt (I was channelling a YSL look at the time). I think the colours of the two suits coordinate well. I definitely don’t move like Bianca, but that’s not the point. I just had fun putting my stamp on the iconic look. Hopefully you can too!

I wear: Witchery pants, tailored jacket & Marcel Danan pearls

However timeless this look is, it’s difficult to master. There are several key elements to its success:

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I am not really a hat person, but lately I have been trying to wear the excessive number of hats I have accumulated over the years, in those ‘I have finally found the hat to convert me’ moments. I know this one isn’t overly practical- aside from its excellent ability to fulfil its primary purpose of sun protection- however, it is super fun to wear! I feel like Sophia Loren swanning around in this. I’m not sure that Sophia would have worn these shoes though…

Sadly for my hat, winter apparel is upon those of us who reside in Melbourne, so this week I made the most of a last chance to spend some time with it. It was a black and white stripes kind of day for me on all counts, teamed with pink lipstick for a bang (this YSL Rouge Pur no.49 is actually fluorescent; it’s marvellous!).

I wear: Kookai hat, Dries Van Noten shoes, Body & Soul Indonesia cardigan

There will always be ongoing debate around the issue of wearing fur and I definitely won’t delve into it now. Despite my logic or education on the topic, I do own several vintage fur pieces. I am instinctively attracted to it. I am aware of the hypocrisy of this attraction, given my intense love of animals. I would feel uncomfortable buying newly produced fur pieces. Although, I must say, I would have abandoned all moral ground for a Christian Dior white fox coat I once saw in Harrods (priced at a cool 17,000 pounds).

My grandma gave me her mink coat two years ago for my 21st Birthday. She has had it for over 50 years and it is in perfect condition; a testament to the care she takes with her possessions. I don’t wear it often as I don’t feel it looks appropriate on me; it will be fabulous when I’m a bit older, or perhaps living in Russia!

However, this week I decided to give it a whirl… it was actually a lovely opportunity to play around with black and brown, which I think can be a beautiful combination. I think the key is, you guessed it, how you use your accessories. I really love this Lanvin necklace; it’s such a rich brown and has some great details, like black grosgrain ribbon and mirror embelleshments. These Givenchy platforms speak for themselves. I don’t know of any scenario in which a fur coat and open platforms is appropriate, but if I ever find myself in one, I will know what to wear!

I wear: Vintage mink coat, Givenchy shoes, PPQ dress, Lanvin necklace & Shag sunglasses

About one half of my wardrobe is beige. I’m slightly ashameded of that year of my life, during which I only purchased and wore shades of beige. Of course, in a state of denial I called them by different names. Beige, tan, bone, Moroccan orange, brown, peachy beige, tortoise, apricot, bisque, blond, camel, champagne, latte, cream, khaki, tan, eggshell, ecru, fawn, moccasin, pearl, sand and my favourite, taupe. Yeah…

These days I try to limitmyself, however, yesterday I went to a picnic and well… I overdosed… and I loved it.

I wear: Country Road sweater, Seed skirt & Wittner pumps

Wearing all black can be overwhelming to people who don’t relate to it (and thus, probably don’t live in Melbourne). However, there is a trick to the all black ensemble, which I learned from a mentor of mine, and that is texture. You can often create more impact with textures of black than with a rainbow of colour. Furthermore, there is a certain level of sophistication that only black can achieve.

My mother acquired a fabulous Mongolian lamb stole this week, at my unsubtle suggestion. I am so excited by this purchase and naturally, have claimed it as my own (sorry mum). This week I used this together with leather and silk pieces to demonstrate my theory. I think they come together quite nicely. What do you think?

I wear: Country Road Mongolian lamb stole, Topshop leather pants, Shag sunglasses, Wittner patent pumps & YSL lipstick (no.49)

You don’t always need to be loud to make a statement; sometimes you can say a lot with very little…


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I hope everyone has had a fabulous week! This week I was introduced to New York’s Iris Apfel. Sadly I use the word ‘introduced’ lightly; the only place I met her was in my ‘going-to-Iris’-house-for-daily-life-lessons’ fantasy. Some of you may know of Iris, but if not, you should. For all of the fellow accessory junkies out there, Iris is your Yoda. She’s the Rolls Royce of O.T.T accessorising.

“I always tell everybody that my mother worshiped at the altar of the accessory… and I got the bug” – Iris Apfel

Iris is so much more than just a fellow victim of the dominant shopping gene; she is a visionary. What impresses me most about her is not her educated and historical appreciation for accessories and fabrics. I most admire that she is an icon and muse at 90 years of age, yet she genuinely doesn’t see what the fuss is all about. She effortlessly constructs outfits that would take anyone else hours to edit, as though glorious treasures are an extension of her anatomy.

Check out this interview with Iris over yonder where she tells of her enduring relationship with interior design, antique fabrics and of course, the accessory. She was given wisdom from her mother at a young age; simply accessorising a black dress can create ‘umpteen outfits’. Don’t be fooled by this though, Iris is bold with her garment selection too, opting for architectural and ethnic aesthetics.

This week I have tried to interpret Iris in my own way, with bold accessories in mind. They’re usually on my mind anyway…

I wear: YSL belt & cuff, Chanel backpack, Robert Clergerie shoes & cropped silk pants thrifted at Camberwell Market for a nifty $5

I truly hope you too can be inspired by Iris’ perspective and challenge yourself to be bold this week!


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